Frustrated with your weight? 

Still not seeing the results you want no matter how much effort and time you're putting into your exercise and nutrition?

Exhausted with jumping from plan to plan hoping one will finally work?

Over the obsession with counting, measuring, weighing and carrying around Tupperware containers with no results?


Okay, so I'm sitting here typing away as I'm sipping on my favorite Tequila (kidding, well kinda.), Chai Tea Latte with Stevia.

I know we haven't formally met, but, since you're here, I can guarantee you're over the yo-yo dieting, insane exercise programs and realize the next "magic pill" doesn't exist.

You know all too well there's no quick-fix or magic potion that'll give you the results you want long-term and you're willing to put in the hard work to make a change for good.

With that being said, I'm assuming you're frustrated, annoyed and confused with your progress. No matter how hard you try with your food and exercise, you just can't seem to drop the weight you want.

Not to mention, every coach and article you read on the internet is telling you something completely different. You feel confused because you don't know who to trust, who's right and who's out to make a quick buck.

I'm going to guess you've tried the following and it hasn't worked:

+Meal plan after meal plan that might offer quick results, but they aren't sustainable or realistic and feel way too hard.

+Exercise plans that promote lean muscle and a boost in your metabolism but they leave you feeling tired and depleted.

+A trainer who was more concerned about annihilating you than rejuvenating you.

+A coach who put you on a super restrictive, cookie-cutter diet they gave out to everyone and their mother.

+Counted macros and calories but doing it made you more obsessive and controlling than anything else.


Maybe you can do this for a few weeks, or possibly a few months, but deep down you know this way isn't sustainable or long-term. Yet, you feel scared because you're worried if you don't follow this restrictive plan or exercise routine to a T, you'll blow up like a balloon and gain 20 pounds overnight.


Because, they go all in, push super hard in the beginning, loving every minute of the honeymoon phase, but after a while, they crash and burn.

They think once they get to their "end goal" they'll finally have enough motivation to keep going. But, it doesn't work that way.

Not because you can't or don't want to do it, but because the plans are too restrictive or the workouts take way to long and leave you sore and tired for days.

Here's the GOOD NEWS:

YOU don't have to be super hard core with your diet and live out of Tupperware containers to see results.

YOU don't have to starve yourself and feel hungry all the time to achieve a look you're going for.

YOU don't have to hit the gym for 3 hours a day to build lean muscle and tone.

YOU don't have to worry about gaining and losing the same weight over and over again.

YOU don't have to spend a fortune on in-person training or a nutrition coach to get incredible results.


Hey! My name is Kim :) and I'm a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition consultant and fun-hearted woman that's here to help you achieve your goals!

I've worked with hundreds of people all over the globe and spent numerous hours learning, researching, coaching, strength training and studying fat loss and nutrition to develop a sane system that guarantees success!

I don't say this lightly because I've spent over a decade overcoming my own struggles with eating disorders, obsessive exercise and dieting.

After working through my own stuff, it became my mission to develop a system that's obsession free, results-driven and gets you results!

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Since working with me since January of 2018, Lindsey has grown leaps and bounds! You can bet she doesn't deprive herself of her kids Mac and Cheese, but now she chooses to also include healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and cauliflower rice. 

Due to her desk job it was very easy for her to constantly reach for snacks under stress so now she keeps some healthier options in her drawer like beef jerky, roasted cashews and fruit to keep her satisfied. She's also improved her veggie and protein intake to keep her muscles defined and lean. She's increased her exercise from 3 days a week to 5 or 6 days and she feels happier and healthier than ever.


Melissa has been with me for almost a year now and she came to me barely able to catch her breath walking up a hill in her neighborhood. Now she can crush workouts like no one's business. 

She's a pure example of what consistency can do and her results prove it! She stays motivated, on schedule and rarely misses a workout because she enjoys the mental high that comes along with it. Plus, after workouts, she can be more present and have more energy for her family.


Margaret has always been a long distance runner but her cardio tactics were no longer working in her favor. She would put in hours on the treadmill and pavement but her body wasn't showing the results she wanted. 

Marg decided to give weight training a go and really took a liking for it after she started seeing her inches go down and her confidence soar. She now enjoys her wine in moderation and knows the importance of lifting for physique success.


Katie, a mom of 3, has been an athlete her entire life. It wasn't until after her 3rd pregnancy did she quickly realize her long runs weren't cutting it. She knew she had to make a change in her eating and exercise routine. 

After making some adjustments with her food and aiming for more high quality choices her abs started peeking through quickly! She also got super strong and sexy in a short period of time. 

Her body responded really well to the strength training plan and diet adjustments we incorporated for her.

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Here, I'll let you in on a little secret......

It's not an expensive pill or supplement that'll shred inches off your waist and hips.

It's not a sexy and flashy program that'll have you dancing on the ceiling while holding your earlobes on a Bosu Ball.

It's not a seaweed wrap or magic green tea detox program that'll give you instant results.

Do you know what it is? 

I'll tell you and I'm going to outline the exact recipe for success.....ready?

#1: It's smart, highly metabolic and strength based workouts.

Your workouts should be short, sweet and highly effective. Ideally, you want to be in and out of the gym in an hour or less. 

Some coaches say stand there and do bodybuilding type movements and rest for 1-2 minutes between each exercise. Others say only do cardio to burn more calories. Why not do BOTH to reap the greatest benefit? 

When you strategically implement BOTH metabolic and strength based workouts together you're setting yourself up for ultimate success. You're gaining strength and power while burning fat at the same time. Did someone say this is a no-brainer?

#2: Solid, clear and sane nutrition tactics.

There's so much confusion and anxiety out there around what to eat, how much to eat, and where to eat, it's no wonder we get so overwhelmed! 

Listen, there's no such thing as "good" and "bad" food or I can only eat "this" and not have "that." That's some b.s. and all you're really doing is setting yourself up for failure with the all-or-nothing mindset approach. Enter the #middlepathmindset where you can literally eat what you want within reason without feeling deprived and starving. 

With my proven #middlepathmindset approach, you can drop fat while eating well without the obsession. You see, so many people think you have to be ALL in or ALL out, and there's no wiggle room for trial and error which isn't true.

I teach all about the psychology around food, and how to find a balance while finding a system that feels streamlined and effortless for you!

#3: Support, Accountability, Motivation and FUN! (SAMF)

Listen, without a community we're screwed and I'm being 100% honest here. If there was ONE thing that was missing when I was going through my own recovery with an eating disorder, it was a community I could lean on for support and guidance. 

A positive community is a lifesaver. 

Have you ever been around a group of friends or loved ones and they guilt you into eating a piece of cake because they're eating one themselves?

They tell you "just to live a little" or "stop being so boring" or "let up will you!?"

I call these people emotional vampires.

They want to suck you down to their level so they can feel better about themselves. As the saying goes, "Misery Loves Company" and I couldn't agree more. Same goes for "Positivity Breeds Positivity." When you're around positive people making positive changes, you're on the right track. Plus, it feels amazing to be around people who support and encourage you on a daily basis. 

Your surroundings dictate your success.

The people we choose to hang out with make a greater impact on us than we realize. They influence our decisions, emotions and behaviors more than we know and when we choose to not be around people who support us, we're more likely to cave and go back to our old negative behaviors. 

This is exactly WHY you need to be around other women with similar interests, goals and aspirations. You need those that cheer you on from the sidelines, encourage you when you need it most and offer support during moments of inaction. 

Can I share something with you that most people don't realize?

Listen, a lot of people go through life feeling mediocre, or they never really get to a point in their lives where they feel 100% confident in who they are or how they look and that sucks. 

Sure, they might love their body to a certain extent, and they might take care of it from time to time but there's still that negative voice wayyyy back in their head telling them the things they heard for as long as they can remember. 

"You're not good enough." "You're never going to succeed." "You're too fat, too thin, too X..." and that sucks so bad. I hate that so many women are still dealing with this headspace of negative self-talk and I don't wish it upon anyone. 

But, guess what? There is a silver lining in all of this.

YOU CAN, without a shadow of a doubt, have a body you feel 100% confident in. A strong, toned, happy body and mind that you can call your own and you've earned every bit of it because you chose to put in the work and dedication to get there.

You CAN and you WILL and I want to HELP YOU get there quicker than you think.

Step Into My SHAPEHER COACHING INNER CIRCLE and Get Unlimited Access To The BEST Workouts, Nutrition Tips, and Members ONLY Accountability Portal.

For over a decade, I've coached hundreds of people with exclusive 1:1 in person training and they had amazing results!

Here's the person training can get really expensive and heavy on the wallet, not to mention the time commitment to go to the gym, meet in person, spend an hour with me and then go back home again.

Unfortunately, I could only help people in the confines of the 4 walls of the gym. So, I was super limited with how many people I could help at one time and I wanted to help A LOT of people! 

I felt super frustrated because I got into the business to help as many people as possible and I came to realize 1:1 training was limiting me from doing that.

That's why I created my ShapeHER Inner Coaching Circle.

Here's what is cool. You get everything in ONE central spot. This way you're not having to dibble dally all around the internet trying to find this and that to piece the nutrition and fitness puzzle together and waste tons of time. 

You'll get all the goods including 50 + of my best workout videos, nutrition programs, meal plans, recipes, and members-only access.

The best part? You'll only pay a fraction of what it costs to train with me in person. 

Literally, every single thing you could need is in my inner circle. If you're looking to lean out, drop fat, gain muscle, strength and definition, you will find it all in this one hub spot!

Here's What All You Get!

New + My BEST Monthly Workouts

You will have access to my membership portal where new workouts will be uploaded (3-4 each week broken down into 12 phases, unless we’re doing a 6 week block over the course of the year, totaling 48) in a PDF format along with videos for each exercise. Each month will be a new theme, customized to create a shock to your system and keep your body guessing! All you need are dumbbells, a mat and a great attitude!

Simple and Sustainable Nutrition Support and Guidance

Nutrition guidelines every month I’ll be posting new foods, healthy ways of eating and proper nutrition tidbits to help you look and feel your best! You will also find meal plans from a certified nutritionist, nutrition tips, nutrition videos, articles and recipes in the portal!

Community, Support, Accountability, Motivation and Teaching!

This is a membership-only community and we like to keep it tightknit and private where everyone feels safe, secure and heard. 

This is a group where I come in throughout the week and answer and teach questions in real time. We're all learning and growing together while holding each other accountable and keeping one another motivated to be our best selves. 

LIVE Videos and Coaching

 I’ll be popping in and out of the FB group on live video to discuss topics such as nutrition, fitness, workouts, proper form, mindset, travel tips and so much more! This is an opportunity for you to access me in real time – I will also leave time for any and all questions you may have – either on topic or customized to where you are in your healthy lifestyle.

Transformational Mindset and Food Psychology Tips

I'm determined to help you break the dieting mentailty for good! No more yo-yo dieting, bingeing or restricting! It's time to remove these barriers from your life so you can live with purpose and peace!

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Option #1: If you're crushing your workouts and physique goals, amazing!! You don't need to change a thing, keep doing what you're doing and as long as you're super happy with your current results and where you're heading with your fitness goals, that's awesome, no need to join! 

Option #2: I help you 100% and give you full access to my ShapeHER Inner Circle. You don't do any thinking or a ton of guesswork. No problem solving or second-guessing yourself. You get unlimited access to, literally, everything you need to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger, more defined, and create a healthy relationship with food, promise.

Both options are 100% valid and, regardless if you choose to join or not, I'm always here for you, no questions asked, promise.

That said, it's important for me to be honest and tell you my 1-on-1 coaching program is $400/month depending on the package.  

But because my Inner Circle is a catch all and it's super easy to get access to everything you need, you can have all of it for a fraction of the cost, without any long-term commitment, AND you can cancel at anytime!

But, here's the thing, please don't join "just because you want a quick fix." Don't join because you're bored. Or because "why not do it." And definitely not if you're looking for a 20 pound weight loss in 2 days.  

I'm not doing this to get your money. If I was, I'd charge a hell of a lot more. I'm doing this because I want to help you and as many others as possible. That's my goal.  

So, if you decide to join me...  

Do it because you're ready to take your body to a new level. To push and challenge your body and mind in ways you've never been pushed. And to look and feel and perform better than you ever imagined possible.  

Do it because you're tired of putting in a ton of mental and physical energy without much (if any) visible results to show for it.  

Do it because it's about damn time you invested in yourself! Using a program that works with a coach who cares and a community who will be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.


When you join ShapeHER, you'll get instant access right now to all of my best workouts, nutrition tips, fat loss tools, community and more for only $147a month to $35.00/a month.



As soon as you join, you’ll be added to an exclusive email list where I’ll be giving you access to our closed FB community and my online portal. Here, you’ll have access to all of our workouts, nutrition tips/plans and I’ll be using this list to sent you ongoing educational tools, and insights weekly along the way! I would love for you to introduce yourself to the other ladies in FB group. We’ll be spending lots of up close and personal time together, so let’s dive right in!  


What all do I get exactly? You get tons! :) You can see above what all is offered in the program! How long does this program run for? It’s a continuous program based on a monthly subscription so you can cancel at any time! What if I decide to cancel, how does that work? All you have to do is go to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription. As soon as I get a notification, you will be removed from the portal and the Facebook page immediately. I will not pro-rate your month. So, if you cancel on the 10th of the month, you will be taken out on the 10th of the month. Just note, if you cancel and choose to renew later, you will be responsible to pay the current price of the program. Do I get to talk to you on the phone and through email? Everything is through the closed FB community but there’s always an option to purchase 1-1 coaching calls with Kim at a discounted rate! How will the money be deducted from my account? Based on when you sign up, your account will be deducted monthly! Will I have access to workouts and meal ideas? Absolutely! All of that will be on the closed FB group and the portal for your convenience! 


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