Ready to Boost Your Metabolism This Summer?

4-Week Metabolic Reset Challenge: Proven Workouts + Nutrition Tips Guaranteed to Rev Your Metabolism.

  • If you struggle with a slow metabolism, belly fat, and constant weight gain, I see you.
  • If you feel frustrated with all the hours and hard work you've invested in the gym, and nothing is changing, I get you.
  • If you feel like you're stuck in this exhausting hole of exercise, restrict, rinse and repeat, I feel you.
  • Many women are working out MORE and eating LESS because they’re petrified of weight gain. And, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Hi, I'm Kim!

After years of yo-yo dieting and excessive exercise, I was exhausted, gaining weight and burned out. I knew there was a way to eat well and exercise WITHOUT the obsession and long hours in the gym. This is exactly why I custom built my Metabolic Reset Challenge. We're busy and stressed and most of us don’t have the time or energy to think about how to fix our metabolism. More or less how to do the right type of eating plan and workout routine to fix our broken metabolism. 

Enter The Metabolic Reset Challenge.

I created Metabolic Reset as a way to get you motivated again without the hours of training and miserable eating patterns. I want to help you fix your slow metabolism for good without starving yourself or spending hours upon hours at the gym.

"Finding Kim Schaper's programs has changed my life. I was fed up with my post-baby body, but didn't know how to get out of my rut. Through the support from Kim's programs, I changed my mindset and became able to focus on my health as a whole. The key is all of the online support that help me stay consistent and encouraged, I feel better about myself and lost a dress size in the process!"  

~Lucy Atkinson~

Metabolic Reset is for those who:

  • Want to drop fat and gain more lean muscle
  • Want to learn how to be in a healthy calorie deficit without ruining their hormones
  • Want to learn how to exercise for their hormones while losing fat
  • Need more understanding of how their metabolism works
  • Feel they "ruined" their metabolic rate from years of yo-yo dieting
  • Need more understanding of eating for fat loss
  • Want to learn specific exercises that burn fat and raise the metabolism
  • Need meal ideas for lean muscle mass
  • Want to learn the balance between hormone regulation and fat loss regulation to keep their body in balance
  • Need a reset after the hormone reset program
  • Crave more knowledge for their clients  

"Kim's programs have given my health and wellness a purpose! I feel great mind and body! "~Katie James~ 

Who is Metabolic Reset NOT for?

  • Those who want a super quick fix and don’t want to put in the work 
  • Women who want the easy way out and think there’s a magic pill to fix all their metabolism problems. 
  • Those who don’t want to try and implement the content I provide for them

In the Metabolic Reset Challenge, I will be providing you with 4 weeks of amazing content and hands-on material.

Week 1: Low Adrenals and Thyroid: Why Your Metabolism Isn’t Shifting and You’re Gaining Weight.  

Week 2: Proven Metabolism Boosting Workouts: Guaranteed To Build Lean Muscle, Burn Fat and Boost Your Metabolism.  

Week 3: Fat Loss Friendly Foods + Cooking Ideas: Proven In Kitchen Tactics to Get you Lasting Results.  

Week 4: Tying It All Together: Implementing Hormones, Nutrition, Exercise and Self-Care to Keep Your Metabolic Rate Revving for Good! 




  • Reach your fitness goals in less time with EXACT new workouts!
  • Build more lean muscle and tone in less time.
  • Learn how to cook for the family and make healthy and simple meals fast.
  • Improve your overall level of fitness and lifestyle with amazing professional coaching.
  • Discover the importance of a balanced diet for your metabolism while removing the stress of complicated recipes.
  • A downloadable spreadsheet with specific goals to help you master your fitness and mindset.
  • A positive community of women to support and encourage you along the way!
  • Consistent accountability and challenges to help keep you motivated and thriving!

"Kim Schaper's programs are different!!!! (...) But best of all, I've seen HUGE results and want to keep going!!! Thanks Kim for guiding me on this journey of total health and well being of Mind, Body, and Soul." ~Margaret Heberling~